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steam, stats

Solution / Answer:
The problem with the competitive stats is that the interface is extremely (!) unreliable.
The stats are refreshed in an unknown interval.

Missing Maps
Where is de_mirage?
maps, de_mirage

Solution / Answer:
Unfortunately Steam doesn't provide us stats from all played maps, but only a small list of maps.
Whether a map is tracked alone Steam decides.
The maps you see in your profile are all the maps the official API provides.

Missing Weapons
Where are my M4A1-S, USP-S or Revolver stats?
weapons, m4a1, m4a1-s, usp, usp-s, revolver, deagle

Solution / Answer:
Unfortunately Steam doesn't differentiate between the M4A1 and the M4A1-S. Same on the USP and USP-S and revolver to the deagle.
Their stats are combined.

Private profile
Where are my 360 no scope stats?
stats, profile

Solution / Answer:
To display your statistics you have to set your Steam profile to public and play CS:GO at least once.
After that you can refresh your profile here and your stats are there magically *yay*

VAC banned
Why am I banned?!
vac, banned, status

Solution / Answer:
We don't get the information from steam in which game you are really banned. So we display the general VAC ban status.

Avatar missing
Where is my pic with that nipples?
nfsw, avatar, profile

Solution / Answer:
To be compliant with the rules of our partners and the law we reserve us the right to block certain user avatars.
We filter on visual inspection, not allowed are: pornography, nazi symbols, violence, any imagery not compliant with german laws.

Readin Matches
How can i use the Matches function?
howto, matches, competitive, mirage, cache, overpass

Solution / Answer:
Just have a look at this "How To Article".
You are now able to readin mirage, cache and overpass stats!